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If you’re a Retail Marketing Director you are faced with the challenge of marketing videos. They're important, they're required, they're tricky… and they're everywhere.

Reports tell us that video accounts for close to 50% of all of today’s web traffic. With predictions setting it at being anywhere from 60% to 80% by 2018. These are numbers that make video too big to ignore.

Rapidly your customers are expecting you to connect with them through video and animation. This is quickly becoming ‘a given’ as part of a consumers brand exploratory or buyer journey. An amazing 98% of shoppers say they’ve watched a marketing video to learn more about a product or service.

Video Content is undeniably too persuasive to ignore.

Marketing Videos are undeniably persuasive.

But how do you “do video” well? How do you have it increase brand exposure and social media engagement? How do you create the kind of video content that doesn’t get skipped immediately?

48% of marketers have said that their top obstacle for execution is the lack of an effective video marketing strategy. Other challenges included a lack of compelling content and an inadequate budget for video.

When 69% of consumers say they would rather watch the video then read the text on your website, how do you get it right?

Customer Discouragement Survey of Marketing Videos.

Customer Discouragement Survey of Marketing Videos.

Here are just 5 tips from Ball Retail on how to capitalize with your marketing video content.

1) A marketing video strategy is a must. You should always have a strategy for your content or creative and then examine the best platforms and forms of distribution. Think of video as any communication tool across your entire system – but amplified.

2) Plan to get more than one video from every shoot. A content series can go a long way to tackling your challenge for content and budgeting. If you play it right you can keep people engaged through a series of videos making each one new and unique.

3) Script your video for multiple lengths. Think about scale when creating your video content. By editing your videos into two or three lengths that coincide with different platforms, your videos can be used in more places. Video ad lengths everywhere, including Facebook, Snapchat and Programmatic TV are changing all the time, so it’s good to be flexible and not be locked into a video length you can’t use.

4) Catch your viewer in the first 3 seconds. It’s unlikely your brand story can be told in 3 seconds, but to keep the viewer from skipping away, incorporate compelling, emotional content. Imagery that catches attention quickly needs to be placed as upfront in your video as possible.

5) Don’t get distracted by the concept of video, with all of its exciting possibilities. As much as possible, plan to invest in quality ideation, superior production and the right distribution. Your video still needs to look, feel and communicate for your brand and be relevant to your customers. And we’re talking internal Franchisees and front line store personnel plus end consumers.

Work marketing videos into your marketing mix, more and more. These are only a few of the tactics you could be employing with video for your retail brand. Remember that your customers are expecting it from you.

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