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Today’s Quick Service Restaurant customers are clamouring for an elevated dining experience. The millennial consumers not only want healthier fresh food options they also want a QSR restaurant experience that makes them feel comfortable. The application of brand expression is one step to achieving more of what the new customer is looking for. Eating out for this group is not a special occasion, it’s part of everyday life. These new millennial consumers are no longer happy to sit in a cheap moulded plastic environment that has traditionally been all about corporate efficiency.

Jan Ball, Director of Strategy at Ball Retail says, "These customers want hip, bright and inspiring spaces that make them feel that they belong."

In the battle for consumer dollars between full serve and QSR restaurants we have seen QSR and fast casual concepts become more sophisticated in both their store environments and with their offerings. The QSR category now controls 53% of the market according to Technomic – a research & consulting firm.

Wendy's Quick Service Restaurant Redesign. QSR Restaurant ExperienceWendy’s, who began rolling out their new store designs in 2013, says their sales at company operated, new-style restaurants have increased more than 25%. Other brands have indicated between 15% and 30% increases when they redesigned their QSR restaurant interiors.

When it came time to re-imagine how OPA! of Greece’s new brand strategy would be reflected in their QSR restaurants Ball Retail first developed a fully formed brand identity that was built on a solid understanding of the customer. At the core of the new OPA! brand was an emphasis on fresh, modern, Greek food.

QSR Restaurant Experience

A fun and lively pattern on the feature wall made of “O” shape. The “O” is from the OPA! logo.

Ball Retail collaborated with a specialized QSR interior designer to create a clean, bold modern design that is not too serious. The main prep area for OPA’s food is kept up front so that customers can see the fresh ingredients and watch as their souvlaki skewers are grilled. These kind of visual cues reinforce the brand message of fresh, modern, Greek food.

QSR Restaurant Experience

The word wall graphics on the wood areas reinforce the fresh healthy ingredients that are the mainstay of the OPA! brand.


A key feature of the dining area is a communal gathering table provided as a space for millennial customers who tend to socialize in larger groups.

Now that the new OPA! branding has been extended to the in-store experience, we feel the brand strategy has been fully achieved.

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