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So often we hear that our client’s plans to tackle in-store customer experience (Cx) involve having front-line people or franchisees be friendly and provide outstanding service. Once this has been decided on by both the operations and marketing departments, too often we jump right to talking about ideas for social media, e-blasts or online ad messages.

Great! Yes, these are all things that need to be addressed when it comes to your customer and what they want from you as a retailer. 

But what about the “rest” of the Customer Experience? 

Possibly this is a narrow view of customer experience and we would be better off thinking of all the communication tools that can help your customers make decisions about your products or services.

Merchandising in-store is just one of these tools. It encompasses having the right products or services available at the right time, at the right place, for the right price. Plus communicating through point of purchase (POP) displays, sampling, demonstrations, events and more.

Chatters Retail Merchandising

Designing POP that is scalable and can be easily executed by multi-location retailers and franchisees can be a challenge. Here are 5 points for tackling this task.

1) Find in-store consistencies across locations. These are spaces and places you can efficiently design one set of display materials to fit to.

2) Even though you’ll have planned the marketing event in advance, check with operations for product arrival times, availability or in-store quantities. No one wants to be left with a display and no product.

3) Always provide a plan-a-gram or illustration for execution or set-up. Don’t assume your display is easy to set-up.

4) Send a video illustrating the placement or set-up. In store personnel are more likely to watch a video than read your instructions.

5) Have front-line people, regional operations managers, or your marketing personnel send a photo of the display back to head office to ensure your program is working.

Having good point of purchase displays executed properly can be a gold mine. There’s always value in keeping your customers ‘whole’ experience top of mind.

Retail Merchandising is alive and well. Customers in-store are responding favourably to it on a consistent basis. They are exploring more products, posing more questions and interacting with front-line personnel at the point of sale.

Customers are asking you to help them make decisions. Your POP displays and merchandising programs should be designed with this in mind.

As franchise and chain-store specialists Ball Retail can help you with Customer Experience. Are you ready to ReShift your business with the right retail merchandising plan? Get in touch with us today. 

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