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If a friend of yours told you a conflicting life story every time you met them, how long would you trust that person? Not long? The same goes for brands.

Every consumer that walks through the door of your retail business comes equipped with prior knowledge or impressions. They may have been there before, visited your website, seen you on Instagram, or read an ad or a flyer delivered to their door.

Customers come to you with information you’ve provided them with through multi-channels of communication. And they come with opinions you’ve helped them form. They also come with ideas they’ve received from friends or family.

And this is why consistency across all your branding and communication is so important. Without it your consumers could get the impression that your brand is untrustworthy, and not deserving of their purchase.

Here is some good omni-channel marketing.

The private label, Kenneth Bernard with it’s various hair care products, tells a consistent story about superior technology used to create their products. This brand story is told every time you see or hear about the Kenneth Bernard Brand. Weather you’re seeing it in-store or in print. Encountering an instructional online video or you are making a purchase through ecommerce.


This type of reliability builds trust with your consumer. Makes an authentic impression, and helps build a strong brand.

Make your brand voice consistent across multi-channel communication.

Successful brands determine and implement brand drivers which can be consistent across all consumer touch points. Brand Analysis within the Ball ReShift process includes analysing your unique attributes for relevance, authenticity and consistency. Read more about Brand Driver identification from Ball Retail.

Result: A brand you can trust.

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